From being one of the oldest development banks in Asia, DFCC has evolved into a fast-growing, fully-fledged commercial bank. The Bank focuses on being responsive and adaptive to the needs of its stakeholders in a climate of change, with sustainable growth as its focal point. The cover design symbolises the idea that DFCC, “the Bank for the Times,” is not a vague ideal but rather, a reality that is right here, like an ever-welcome cup of tea.

Continuing the concise and elegant style employed previously, the 2017 Annual Report marks the fourth consecutive year that DFCC Bank utilised our Annual Report Plus™. The product enables the Bank to provide relevant information through channels that are ideal for each audience.

Included in Annual Report Plus™ are an online version of the report, the Annual Report Updater App which provides timely information on the Bank's latest developments, and an Annual Snapshot that outlines key highlights of the year, available in video form for special occasions and as handouts printed in English, Sinhala, and Tamil.

DFCC's 2016 report was lauded for its concise nature and "for courageously setting the trend". The Bank's latest report follows suit.