Leading from the front, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) once again chose to tell its story of delivering value to and deriving value from its stakeholders in a concise Annual Report. The contributions of the institute in furtherance of its four primary objectives of upholding standards in the public interest, excellence in education and professional development, leadership through ideas and influence, and delivering dynamic and proactive service are communicated coherently in the context of the underlying regulatory, economic, social, and technological environment, in an annual report that is easy to peruse. Much like in the Institutes's past reports, the myriad methods used to effectively engage with its stakeholders and the topics of mutual interest the engagement was centered on are fittingly tabulated. Varying the stylistic elements used in the previous four years, the Annual Report 2017, uses a modest, straight-forward design. The report effortlessly communicates the fact that the institute is 'in the vanguard'.