Titled “Building Momentum”, the IIRC’s 2018 integrated report was published in multiple mediums with, for the first time, limited assurance from an independent auditor.

The integrated report evaluates progress made in the IIRC’s mission to mainstream integrated reporting during 2018, as it moved from the 'breakthrough phase' to the 'momentum phase' of its strategy, with external research showing a significant growth of adoption in markets such as Japan and Australia during the year under review. Under the IIRC’s key achievements for 2018 the integrated report also highlights studies, such as EY’s 2018 global investor survey, which indicate that investors now consider integrated reports the most useful source of non-financial information.

In introducing integrated reporting to and building momentum in new markets, focus has been placed on addressing the information needs of diverse stakeholders. The IIRC released its integrated report in multiple mediums, as shown below, while achieving the twin goals of conciseness and completeness.

  • Printed integrated report (for limited circulation)
  • Comprehensive end-to-end HTML on-line integrated report
  • Executive summary for mobile devices
  • Video snapshot
  • Downloadable PDF