Titled, “Breaking Through” the report is a mid-term assessment of the organization’s journey towards the global adoption of integrated reporting.

Having pursued their mission - to establish integrated reporting and thinking within mainstream business practice as the norm in the public and private sectors - the IIRC has presently completed the third phase of its journey, the breakthrough phase. The report primarily focuses on the key break through moments achieved during this phase when the organization intended to achieve a meaningful shift towards the early adoption of the IR Framework.

It also takes integrated reporting to a new level by achieving the twin goals of conciseness and completeness, while meeting the information needs of its stakeholders. The report is available in multiple channels:


For mobile devices an executive summary

Video Snapshot

Downloadable PDF:
IIRC Integrated Report 2017
IIRC Financial Statements 2017

The key breakthrough moments captured in the report signals the breadth of support integrated reporting has received from businesses around the world.