The National Savings Bank’s 2016 annual report titled A Unique Story: The Sequel, is the second instalment of the trilogy. Through the report we get a glimpse into what shaped NSB’s unique story in 2016. For the past forty-four years NSB has served the nation and its people in its unique way by being the leading savings institution in the country. The pillar on the cover symbolises the Bank’s stability and represents NSB’s long-standing commitment to foster a savings culture in its main stakeholder; the people of Sri Lanka.

As unique as the Bank’s story is the annual report’s look and feel which comprises black-on-yellow colour coding, sculptural representation of the pillar inspired by the theme, creative write ups, illustrations, cartoons and much more.

NSB has utilised our unique products: Annual Report PlusTM and Annual Snapshot produced in Sinhala, Tamil and English to cater to NSB’s many stakeholders.