The National Savings Bank’s 2017 annual report titled A Unique Story: The Impression, is the third and final instalment of the trilogy. The Report captures how NSB’s unique story unfolded throughout the year: the nature and scope of the Bank’s business operations, strategic direction, and key moments of growth and evolution. It also outlines the Bank’s preparedness to meet challenges, offering a glimpse into the future.

Throughout the trilogy the design element of the pillar was utilised to embody NSB’s Mission, Vision, and Values, its stability and rootedness as a premier financial institution, and the Bank’s commitment to empower the Nation to achieve financial security. In A Unique Story: The Impression, the pillar motif reached completion, providing shade to the Nation. “The Impression” refers to the impression the Bank has made on Sri Lanka, the financial sector, and more importantly, all the lives it has touched throughout its unique history.

The Annual Report utilises earthy colour tones, and shadow thematics, the innovative use of infographics to report facts, figures, and other corporate information, and a clear, concise writing style.

NSB has utilised our unique products: Annual Report PlusTM and Annual Snapshot produced in Sinhala, Tamil, and English to ensure that key messages reach NSB’s diverse stakeholders.