The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) became the first bank in the Middle East to produce an integrated annual report. Structured and written to provide readers with a comprehensive yet concise account of the Bank’s record of value creation, the release of this report, concurrently as printed and on-line HTML versions, marks a significant milestone for the Bank as well as for the financial services sector in the Middle East. The on-line HTML format contains additional supplementary information. It also enables users to better navigate through the content, annotate and share with greater ease.

International investors are now increasingly considering the overall impact that a business has on all its stakeholders. Vision 2030, which is driving Saudi Arabia’s economic, social and environmental development towards making the Kingdom a global hub, encourages businesses in the Kingdom to become world-class players in their respective sectors. Integrated reporting is fast becoming the international benchmark for best practice in corporate reporting with nearly 2,000 of the most progressive companies in the world now adopting it. SAIB is now an active member of this progressive group.