Although there's no need to keep reinventing the wheel, we see a difference when it comes to annual reports. We are able to take a zero-based approach, every time, thanks to well-honed in-house expertise.

Custom Development

We believe that annual report design and development must respect the boundaries set by statute and regulation. This still leaves considerable freedom in your choice of what to disclose and why, what reporting format to follow, and how to present the selected information most effectively and compellingly to each stakeholder group.

The completed project must serve the communications objectives, everything must work in synergy - yet we must never be boring. The report should be a pleasure to look at, to hold, and to read.

There are no off-the-peg solutions at Smart. Having produced over 1,600 annual reports for our clients, we still start afresh every time.


Quite apart from the writing, design and print management skills that any good design house should be able to offer, we also offer you advice and expertise on the technical side of reporting itself. This includes:

  • Advice on what reporting guidelines or formats to adopt and adapt
  • Consultant support in developing systems and procedures to capture the necessary data
  • Advice on presenting corporate governance and risk management rules, procedures and data
  • Support for integrating the 'sustainability' side of the story with financial reporting to present a concise and coherent communication about how the organisation creates value

Design and Production

We employ a design and production approach that integrates with ease a suite of media options that capture the most effective way of communicating your message. The options include:

  • Traditional print-based media
  • Web-based media
  • Video
  • Mobile media

Expressions in different media are developed concurrently, with the same commitment. There are no 'favoured' media, as each chosen medium will seamlessly complement the other with a very focused overarching business objective.

New and Traditional Media

Smart Media The Annual Report Company is equipped with the full range of design and production skills you would expect, from strategic consultancy and project management through conceptualisation, report writing, editing and proof-reading, graphic design and art direction, print and production co-ordination, and multimedia production support. We also have excellent relations with creative-input suppliers such as photographers as well as with production facilities and printers in the region.