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A methodology to operationalise the key principles in the <IR> Framework

First published in 2014, the fourth edition of The Smart Integrated Reporting Methodology offers insights and practical tips on how to overcome common areas of confusion when preparing an integrated annual report. It is designed in response to the experiences (and quandaries) of annual report preparers.

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What’s in the eBook?

This methodology complements the <IR> Framework, shedding light on selected topics that annual report preparers have found tricky over the years.

  • A 37-page guide on common areas of confusion in the preparation of integrated reports
  • Useful tips on how to depict your organisation’s symbiotic relationship with stakeholders
  • A quick outline on how to define your own materiality matrix
  • Value creation explained with insights on how to describe the true value of your business
  • A guide to effectively articulate your business model
  • A discussion on integrated thinking - from practice to precepts
  • Going beyond annual reports: How to use multiple mediums to reach your multiple audiences

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The Smart Integrated Reporting Methodology

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